Office of Asian Pacific Islander Desi Student Engagement

The Office of Asian Pacific Islander Desi Student Engagement is dedicated to creating an inclusive and socially just environment where all forms of diversity are respected and recognized as integral to the UF experience.

Huy D. Huynh

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SLAAM! Book Club
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352: Asian Business, too!
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Chai Chats
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Project Mottainai
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Saving Face
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Women's Power Hour
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Alternative Break: Cultural Immersion Trip
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Asian Pacific Islander Desi Student Engagement Library

Books, VHS', and DVDs are available for students to check out from the Asian Pacific Islander Desi Student Engagement Library.

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In the early 1990’s, the fight for Asian American resources (led by students) on this campus started. In the early 2000’s, there was increased administrative support for student-led initiatives for Asian American resources. Various administrators through the Dean of Students Office supported the movement for additional Asian American resources. There was a three-pronged approach: a Resource Center, Studies Program, and Director.

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