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Save the Date!

FiND 2024 will take place August 18, 2024 - August 20, 2024.

Forming our Identities through Networking and Development (FiND) is an Initiative in the Office of Asian Pacific Islander Desi Student Engagement and is a virtual and in-person program that runs from Fall through early Spring with monthly events. This program is open for all incoming UF students who self-identify as Asian/Asian American Pacific Islander Desi.

The program’s mission is to create a space to begin discussing and developing the Pan-ethnic Asian identity; to provide and introduce Asian and Asian American students in their first year on campus with support and resources to successfully adapt to the academic, co-curricular, personal, and social rigors of college, as well as the knowledge and skills necessary to persist during the remainder of their college experience.

FiND partners with the Asian American Student Union (AASU),  Asian American Studies, UF Housing and Residence Life, and the UF International Center.

Participant Registration Opens Summer 2024

Find's goals

Academic Success

Facilitate the successful introduction of academic integration among first-year students by providing access to advising and mentorship from campus peers, faculty, and staff; providing referrals to campus resources; and providing opportunities for academic skills development.

Interpersonal Growth

Facilitate successful introduction of social integration among first-year students by providing opportunities to connect with peers and build community; Facilitate exploration of, and involvement in, co-curricular activities and experiential learning opportunities.

Identity Development

Facilitate personal exploration of the Asian American identity by raising self-awareness through exploring personal backgrounds, personality traits and behaviors, and social and political realities to discuss practical ways to build coalitions within the Asian American community and beyond.

Find Coordinator applications are now open!

The Office of Asian Pacific Islander Desi Student Engagement’s FiND (Forming our Identities through Networking and Development) initiative is searching for enthusiastic student leaders have a desire to support students during their transition to the University of Florida. Peer Coordinators assist in the planning and implementation of FiND and hold their roles from Spring 2023 through Fall 2023. Read more about each coordinator role below!

Applications are now closed. 

    Click Here to Apply for a Peer Coordinator Role!


    Flora Wang at ruoyunwang@ufl.edu