Project Timeline

Spring 2015 – Significant physical plant issues emerge at IBC and later at La Casita.  It is determined that it is important to request CITF (Capital Investment Trust Fund) funds for either renovation or reconstruction, depending on the depth of the issues, unmet space needs and budget.  Work with physical plant to address what needs can be handled.

Fall 2015 – Presentation to CITF committee.  $3.3M approved.

January 2016 – Rowe Architects conduct Existing Conditions Reports.  Determine the depth of the building concerns.  Determine that reconstruction is needed as well as additional funds.  Directors, along with Ambassadors and alumni, determine that reconstruction is needed.

February 2016 – Approval by President Fuchs following CITF committee recommendations of $3.3M

March 2016 – Informational item to Board of Trustees (BOT)

April/May 2016 – Director of Black Affairs, Director of Hispanic-Latino Affairs, MCDA Executive Director and AVP determine space needs for the institutes project based on space usage and limitations.  This guides the project.

May-July 2016 – Square footage is estimated by MCDA and budget is clarified and estimated by Planning, Design and Construction

June 2016 – BOT approval of University spending plan and Board of Governors (BOG) approval

July 2016 – Begin advertising for architect, Construction Management and Engineers

July 2016 – Values for the project determined by MCDA.  Communications plan created

August 2016 – Selection of Architects

September 2016 – Selection of Construction Management firm and engineers. Meetings with Planning, Design and Construction reveal that additional money for the project will be needed.  Presentation to CITF committee, and they recommend $2M more toward the project

September 2016 – Director of Black Affairs and Director of Hispanic-Latino Affairs reach out to alumni for input on the project.  Ambassadors and other students are informed by the Directors.  Present to Association of Black Alumni and Association of Hispanic Alumni

October 2016 – Pre-Design.  CITF funds become available

November 2016 – Kickoff meeting with Architects and CM.  Architects prepare for project with the program given and buy in from stakeholders begins by Director of Black Affairs and Director of Hispanic-Latino Affairs

December 2016  –  Architects on campus to meet with students and stakeholders.  Visioning and big ideas developed.  Architects also meet with MCDA and Core Committee

Dec 2016-Jan 2017 – Institutes project goes before the four required committees.

January 2017 – UF has architects return to gather more input from students for visioning.  Later in the month Design Concepts Presentation to the Core Committee

Feb – March 2017 – Institutes project goes before the four required committees for a second time.

March 2017 – Interiors, Furniture and Technology Meeting.  Meeting regarding Advanced Schematic Design and to get the project in budget – over $1M cut.

April 2017 – Architects on campus on 4-6-17 for Design Development. Meet with students.  Decision to “hit pause” and create advisory committees, get more input and ensure we proceed in the direction that best serves current and future students as well as other stakeholders.

Summer 2017  – Advisory Committees to meet

12 months required for demolition and construction of both buildings to be complete.