Respect, Equity and Allyship for Leaders (REAL)


REAL Talk is designed to celebrate and raise awareness about the multiple identities that comprise each of us and make up the University of Florida. It is our hope that this workshop helps attendees think about their own various identities and REAL Talk can help them become more aware and understanding of the differing perspectives and experiences of those around them.


REAL stands for “Respect, Equity and Allyship for Leaders.” Real Talk is an introduction to diversity education and identity exploration. REAL Talk is facilitated by Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Peer Educators and staff from the department of Multicultural and Diversity Affairs. All D&I facilitators have gone through an intensive training to prepare for REAL Talk, as well as how to best educate attendees of each workshop.
During the REAL Talk workshop, facilitators will go through different aspects of identity. First they will discuss personal identity. Workshop attendees will evaluate their personal identity, or aspects of their identity that is personally chosen and not socially prescribed. During this segment, workshop attendees will evaluate aspects of their identity such as their favorite book, their favorite food, etc. Next, facilitators will discuss social identity. Examples of social identity categories include faith, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, etc. Facilitators will go through different definitions of each social identity, utilizing call and response and soliciting questions from the audience. Throughout the workshop, attendees will be urged to communicate with other workshop attendees, sharing some of their identities and experiences.

At the end of the workshop, the entire group reflects on the activity with the aid of the facilitators.
REAL helps to open up individuals to a meaningful reflection of whom they are and what aspects of their personal identity they value most and why, as well as recognizing aspects of their social identity they may have not previously thought about. This introspection also helps participants to think more about how they perceive others and in turn how they themselves may be perceived. This workshop’s goal is to remind us that everyone is a whole person with a unique and complex life experience, a concept that is often lost in the one-dimensional, superficial interactions that we may have with those around us.


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Facilitated by: Diversity and Inclusion Peer Educators


As a courtesy to our Diversity and Inclusion Peer Educators, please make sure to request workshops at least two weeks in advance of the presentation date. We will do everything we can to meet the requested preferred dates, but flexibility is also greatly appreciated. Thank you