We aim  to provide an  empowering  space for  Black  Qween  undergraduate students to find support through community, progress toward healing, improve mental health, develop personally and professionally, and become educated about various topics regarding black womanhood.  

Program Expectations

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    Connect Monthly

    BQC Large Group Sessions (Open to all Black Qweens): September 16th, October 14th, November 4th, December 2nd

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    Join the Cohort

    BQC M.E.S.H. Cohort Sessions (Registration required): September 30th, October 21st, November 18th, December 9th 

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Qweens' FAQ

A Black woman who is fierce and fabulous; includes anyone who identifies as a black woman, including trans women, non-binary women, femmes, those who are feminine of centre, or those who identify as a member of the Sisterhood generally.

An overall presentation or dialogue that is open for any student that is a Black Qween, that will engage with topics focused on Mental Health, Education, Support, and Healing. This open group is an essential session that leads into the M.E.S.H. sessions but it not required for those who are not able to join the M.E.S.H. sessions.
This is a commitment based small group cohort of Black Qweens Corner, you will be paired with a facilitator where we will utilize the large group content to shape the participants experience. The acronym represents the four cornerstones of Black Qweens Corner (Mental Health, Education, Support, and Healing), and upholds its definition as a desired outcome of the program, “an interwoven or intertwined structure; network” (dictionary.com).

*By completing this registration form, you are agreeing to being an active participant of the BQC yearlong program (Fall and Spring semester).

Where: Virtually
When: 5:00pm- 6:30 pm each session

BQC Large Group Sessions (Open to all Black Qweens)
*Registration to each Large Group Session is required.

September 16th
October 14th
November 4thRegister Here
December 2ndRegister Here

BQC M.E.S.H. Cohort Sessions
*Registration for cohort has ended. We invite you to attend our monthly Large Group Sessions.

September 30th
October 21st
November 18th
December 9th

Ashley Cofield
Ashley Cofield, Assistant Director of Sorority and Fraternity Affairs acofield@ufsa.ufl.edu
Jerri Berry Danso

Jerri Berry Danso, Assistant Director of Student Affairs Assessment and Research jberry@ufsa.ufl.edu

P.J. Jones
P.J. Jones, Assistant Director of MCDA pjones@ufsa.ufl.edu

Patricia Jordan

Patricia Jordan, Interim- Senior Director of MCDA pjordan@ufsa.ufl.edu