Program Description

Gatorship is a co-curricular intergroup dialogue and social justice education program that utilizes peer facilitation to engage students in dialogue across difference.

The program provides Gatorship staff with a solid foundation on social justice education, helps them develop emotional intelligence, and teaches them the skills needed to facilitate dialogue across difference. It culminates in 4 off-campus weekend retreats during the Spring semester with 60-70 student participants per retreat. During the retreats, participants learn about social justice, social identity, and the diverse backgrounds and identities of their peers through interactive presentations, activities, and facilitated dialogue led by Gatorship staff.



Gatorship’s mission is to build a more inclusive campus community one gator at a time by providing foundational social justice education, facilitating dialogue across difference, and providing students with resources and opportunities to become change agents within the University of Florida and beyond.

If you have questions, please contact Diana Moreno, Assistant Director for Multicultural and Diversity Affairs at 352-294-3566 or

Gatorship is a signature program under Multicultural and Diversity Affairs.