Gatorship is an all-inclusive on-campus and virtual weekend retreat for UF students interested in learning about social justice and their role in creating a more equitable and just campus environment. Through interactive presentations, engaging activities, and facilitated dialogue led by Gatorship staff, participants will explore social identities such as Race, Ethnicity, Gender, Sexuality, Religion, Disability, and Socioeconomic Status.

This transformational experience gives students the opportunity to build strong connections with a diverse group of peers, explore issues of inequity and oppression, and become empowered to enact positive social change on campus and beyond.

Participant Applications are open to all UF students and are available in the Fall (October).
Gatorship Staff Applications are open to past Gatorship participants and are available in the Spring (March).

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As a collective, Gatorship aims to use our power to give folks the tools to deconstruct their own experiences and rebuild their perspectives through a socially and critically conscious lens. We aim to do this by providing foundational social justice education, facilitating dialogue across difference, and empowering students to become social change agents within the University of Florida and beyond.

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If you have additional questions, please contact the Gatorship Directors at gatorshipdirectors@gmail.com

Gatorship is a signature program underĀ Multicultural and Diversity Affairs.