“Gatorship is truly a diversity conference where individuals from all over UF participate. During this conference, I became aware and grounded in many things about myself through learning from others. The conference has also provided me with an enormous network of open minded, well-connected individuals.” – Steven Che

“Gatorship is a stepping stone to a deeper level of understanding of yourself and others. It will leave you with a sense of hope and an immense thirst for knowledge.” – Luisa Bolivar

“Gatorship is a mind-blowing experience that will stay with you even after the retreat ends. It fosters leadership development, cultural and social enrichment as well as worldly exploration. Not only do you learn about others around you, you learn more about yourself.” – Tiffany Johnson

“The biggest benefit of Gatorship for me, personally, was that it catalyzed a journey of self-realization. Gatorship was an excellent learning and networking experience, but the lessons taken from that weekend hit closer to home than any other leadership/diversity retreat I could have gone to. As a pre-med student, Gatorship helped me gain a heightened sensitivity towards others and their struggles. As a minority on campus, it helped me become more comfortable in my own skin and by extension, allowed me to help others feel the same way. It’s an invaluable experience for any college student!” – Amana Abdulwakeel

“Gatorship puts you out of your comfort zone and tosses you into a mix of people you may never have met otherwise, and completely changes your outlook on life in the process. “ – Amna Imran

“Now that I am on Gatorship staff, Gatorship is my chance to reach out to those students that are like me. It is my chance to try and educate people on issues that are not always brought up in everyday discussion. I have the opportunity to bring together a room full of people and make them connect on a level that isn’t normally possible. The benefits that can be attained as a result of these retreats are exhilarating, and I have made great friendships as a result of this retreat.” – Andrew Brennick

“This retreat changed the way I live. Every single person in my Gatorship had a unique perspective to bring to the table and I carry their stories with me.” – Aileen Vasquez