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It's Time to get Real

REAL Talk is our comprehensive diversity education program. REAL stands for “Respect, Equity, and Allyship for Leaders” and gradually introduces participants to key concepts of diversity education and identity exploration. REAL Talk is facilitated by Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Peer Educators and staff from the Center for Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement. All D&I facilitators have gone through an intensive training to prepare for REAL Talk, as well as how to best educate attendees of each workshop.

The series begins with our Foundational Diversity Workshop training. Every participant will first watch this video to gain an understanding of diversity and inclusion and then further explore more advanced topics.

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All participants must start with the Respect series and complete the Foundational Diversity Workshop training and supplemental intersectionality education prior to participating in the Equity, Allyship and Inclusive Leadership series. All workshops will be held virtually, and registration is required and capped at 45 participants. As a courtesy, if you are no longer able to attend, please cancel your registration at least 24 hours in advance to allow others to register.

These virtual workshops are only for UF students who are currently enrolled.


Foundational Diversity Workshop 

The Center for Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement is committed to providing transformative educational experiences and developmental opportunities to celebrate and empower diverse communities. The Foundational Diversity Workshop is designed to provide a baseline level of understanding to both provide understanding and peak curiosity. Through this workshop, students will be introduced to various aspects of diversity, explore respect, bias and one’s identity, and identify various campus resources available to explore diversity.

Students must watch the Foundational Diversity Workshop and complete the assessment at the end before registering for subsequent workshops.

Bias, Stereotypes, Microaggressions 

What do you think of when you hear the term “bias”? Do you think of prejudice in favor of or against an idea or group? Many times, we struggle to acknowledge our own biases and we avoid having these conversations. The secret is everyone has some type of bias. In this workshop, students will explore their own biases, stereotypes, and assumptions they may have and learn more about how they lead to microaggressions.

Prerequisite: Foundational Diversity Workshop

FYF Fridays (First Year Florida) 

REAL Talk- First Year Florida Fridays is a foundational diversity education workshop tailored specifically for First Year Florida participants. In this workshop, you will further explore concepts learned in the foundational workshop video, engage in meaningful dialogue about issues of diversity and inclusion and learn more about our own identities. This workshop is only for current students enrolled in First Year Florida classes for the Fall semester.

Prerequisite: Foundational Diversity Workshop


Power, Privilege and Oppression 

After exploring your own identities, you’re ready to learn more about privilege. In the context of diversity education, “privilege” is unearned advantages that are given based on membership or assumed membership in a dominant group. This workshop will further explore systems of power, privilege and oppression.

Prerequisite: Foundational Diversity Workshop


Allyship and Action 

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between being an advocate and being an ally? How can you be in solidarity with others who may be members of communities that are different from yours? If you’re ready to become an ally and add action behind your words, this workshop is for you!

Prerequisite: Foundational Diversity Workshop

Anti-Racism Education 

Being an antiracist means fighting against the various forms of racism we encounter all around us. It could seem like a daunting goal for people to work towards, however there is value in the journey. Antiracism looks different for white people than for people of color, but all groups can benefit from antiracism education. In this workshop, students will further explore concepts of race and the connections between bias, privilege, and race.

Prerequisite: Foundational Diversity Workshop 


Inclusive Leadership Initiative 

Are you a student leader who is passionate about creating lasting change within your organization? Are you in a formal or informal leadership position responsible for diversity and inclusion initiatives for your organization? Do you want to learn how you can create diverse and welcoming organizations while improving your own facilitation skills? We are excited to share our newest initiative, the Inclusive Leadership Initiative. This train-the-trainer series is for student leaders within organizations.

Prerequisite: Foundational Diversity Workshop

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Real Talk: Community Convos

Students have the opportunity to join in on virtual roundtable discussions to explore concepts and current trends related to inclusion efforts and diversity education. Online CommUNITY Convos will be offered throughout the semester to engage in meaningful dialogue around respect, equality, and allyship! All levels of awareness are welcome to join in on the discussion. Pre-registration is required.

The workshop is offered by the Center for Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement, this does not replace the required diversity education training that would lift a hold from your account.