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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Training

The Center for Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement is pleased to offer UF students voluntary in-person and virtual diversity education training focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion. DEI education comes in the form of in-person workshops and online training, intended to fulfill our Center's Mission of advocating for an inclusive campus. Workshops are facilitated by IDEEAS Peer Educators and staff from the Center for Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement. All IDEEAS facilitators have gone through intensive training to deliver workshops and to best educate attendees. The Center is pleased to offer online DEI training to UF students, making diversity education more accessible to all.

Students are encouraged to complete the Foundational Diversity Workshop training before registering for other workshops, however, it is not required. This training helps lay the foundation for all the other workshop topics offered.

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Students are encouraged to complete the Foundational Diversity Workshop training prior to registering for the other workshops offered. Registration is required to attend and each workshop is capped at 30 participants. As a courtesy, if you are no longer able to attend, please cancel your registration at least 24 hours in advance to allow others to register.

Video: Code Switching

Video: Understanding the Minority and American Experience

Video: Black People Are Not A Monolith

Video: How To Be A Great Ally
Foundational Diversity Workshop 

The Center for Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement is committed to providing transformative educational experiences and developmental opportunities to celebrate and empower diverse communities. The Foundational Diversity Workshop is designed to provide a baseline level of understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion and to peak participants' curiosity to learn more. Through this workshop, students will be introduced to various aspects of diversity, explore respect, bias and one’s identity, and identify various campus resources available to explore diversity.

Students can watch the Foundational Diversity Workshop and complete the assessment at the end to enhance their level of comprehension.

FYF Workshop (First Year Florida) 

The First Year Florida Workshop is a foundational diversity education workshop tailored specifically for First Year Florida participants. In this workshop, students will learn about the Center for Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement, further explore concepts learned in the foundational workshop video, engage in meaningful dialogue about issues of diversity and inclusion, and learn more about identities. This workshop is only for current students enrolled in First Year Florida classes.

Suggested Prerequisite: Foundational Diversity Workshop


Being an antiracist means fighting against the various forms of racism we encounter all around us. It could seem like a daunting goal for people to work towards, however there is value in the journey. Antiracism looks different for people, but everyone can benefit from antiracism education. In this workshop, students will further explore concepts of race and the connections between bias, privilege, and race.

Suggested Prerequisite: Foundational Diversity Workshop

Allyship and Action 

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between being an advocate and being an ally? How can you be in solidarity with others who may be members of communities that are different from yours? If you’re ready to become an ally and add action behind your words, this workshop is for you!

Suggested Prerequisite: Foundational Diversity Workshop

Inclusive Leadership

Are you a student leader who is passionate about creating lasting change within your organization? Are you in a formal or informal leadership position responsible for diversity and inclusion initiatives for your organization? Do you want to learn how you can create diverse and welcoming organizations while improving your own facilitation skills? We are excited to share our newest initiative, the Inclusive Leadership Initiative. This train-the-trainer series is for student leaders within organizations.

Suggested Prerequisite: Foundational Diversity Workshop


More and more people are introducing themselves using their pronouns. Pronouns are showing up more in places like Zoom, LinkedIn, and even social media. Have you ever wondered why? The Inclusive Gators Use Pronouns workshop will help answer that question. This workshop is designed to provide history on how pronouns have become an important part of conversations, why we should use them, and explore the benefits of using pronouns. .

Suggested Prerequisite: Foundational Diversity Workshop

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There are multiple ways students can receive online diversity education. The first is presented by the Center in conjunction with the Chief Diversity Office that upon completion, will earn UF students a Diversity Certificate. The training is called Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging for Students. It has limited spots so sign up early! The other educational opportunity for students is called Understanding Bias, where students explore their own biases and techniques to combat bias. Once students begin one of these online trainings, the expectation is that they will complete it within the same semester they started it.

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging for students Certificate 

This online training certificate seeks to create a more inclusive environment across campus. This program is proven to increase inclusive language, attitudes, and behaviors. The training takes about 40 minutes to complete and can be accessed at once or broken up over time. Upon completion of the training, students earn a Diversity Certificate. There are limited spots so register early!



The Center is excited to offer students bias training. The Understanding Bias training is an interactive learning experience that helps students learn how bias can influence what we see, think, and do. This training is particularly helpful for student leaders, student organizations, and students who want to play a role in creating a more inclusive campus.

Come back soon for more information on these opportunities!