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Hall of Fame

The Huy D. Huynh Hall of Fame

Many APID (Asian Pacific Islander Desi) Gators have shown great dedication, service, and achievement with the APID community at the University of Florida. By honoring these individuals, we remind the larger UF community of the continuing growth, diversity, and strength of our community as well as the increasing impact of the APID community at UF. 

The Huy D. Huynh Hall of Fame recognizes outstanding leaders who have devoted themselves to serving others within the APID community and UF community. Three recipients will be recognized and inducted into the Hall of Fame per academic year.  

  • 1 undergraduate student 
  • 1 graduate/professional student 
  • 1 faculty/staff member 

Recipients will have their names engraved on a plaque housed in the Office of Asian Pacific Islander Student Engagement suite. 

The Hispanic-Latinx Hall of Fame

The Hispanic-Latinx Hall of Fame recognizes outstanding leaders who have devoted themselves to representing and advancing the Hispanic-Latino community* at the University of Florida. Their contributions in the area of LeadershipService, and Advocacy are seen across campus and are felt even after they graduate. They reflect a sense of permanence and positive change. The Hall of Fame highlights these individuals’ efforts at the University.

For the purpose of this award the values have been defined as:

Leadership: Demonstrated commitment to working with others in creating positive, sustainable change within the Hispanic-Latinx community, while investing in the mentorship and development of Hispanic-Latinx students.

Service: Demonstrated history of dedicating time and effort to selflessly working collaboratively to improve the lives of those within the Hispanic-Latinx community.

Advocacy: Demonstrated exceptional efforts in using power and privilege to promote equity and equality for, as well as advance the needs of, the Hispanic-Latinx community.

*The Hispanic-Latinx Community has been defined as those who identify as Hispanic-Latinx within UF, Gainesville, and the world.

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