Education in Action

It's vital we not only confront racism, but strive to be actively anti-racist.

If you are wondering what's next and how to take your action beyond social media, this page provides a list of actionable ideas to fight racism, confront biases and support Black communities. This is not an extensive list, but intended as a jumping off point for education. We encourage you to do the work when it’s not trending and when public demonstrations are done.

Enroll in African American Studies classes

It doesn’t have to be your major to matter. All students, not just Black students, should take advantage of the excellent courses taught at UF by the Center for African Studies or take ANT3451: Race and Racism. Enroll in classes that directly focus on race and systemic societal issues. And help fill all the seats! View UF’s course catalog.

Read and cite Black women

Visit to learn about the movement and how you can critically reflect on your everyday practices of academic citation and how you can incorporate black women into your work.


All the time and in every election. Local and state elections matter just as much as national elections.

Register to vote, locate your precinct and find out when the next elections in your area are schedule at

Watch GatorTales on YouTube

Gator Tales illustrates the oral history of the black students who dared to pioneer a predominantly white university. Its goal is to educate audiences about the Civil Rights movement on the smaller scale of a hometown. Often, we get caught up in the big-time marches and protests of our nation’s history and fail to acknowledge that integration worked down the street and in our local high schools. Working on this production forced me to see the history of integration not as a list of facts but through people. Students are taught that there was a time when blacks and whites lived separately, instead of being educated that a movement changed a nation. Watch GatorTales on YouTube.

Then continue learning with the Samuel Proctor Oral History Program.

UF Center for the study of race and race relations

Engage with the UF Center for the Study of Race and Race Relations in the Levin College of Law. Please visit their website to learn more and see their upcoming opportunities.

Donate to reputable organizations fighting injustice

Buy from Black-owned businesses

Seek out Black-owned businesses and artists to support in your local area.

Here is a list of some businesses in Gainesville, Fla. (Source: Gainesville Black Professionals Facebook):
• Carribean Queen
• Carribean Spice
• Chef Empowerment’s Underground
• Maple Street Biscuit Company
• Reggae Shack
• Harper’s Corner
• PJ’s Cafe & Caterin
• The Soulful Buddha
• Chef JJ Creations
• Honey, Rose, & Company Bakery, LLC.
• Wayne Head Southern Kitchen
• Terrell’s BBQ
• Swamp Religion Food Truck
• Gainesville Soul Food Kitchen
• Bama’s Soul Food
• Charlie’s Snow Shack
• Pizza in the Neighborhood
• Young’s Kitchen
• 4 Paumes
• Friday Take Out
• Lucille’s Southern Kitchen
• Actor’s Warehouse
• Balloons By Florally Yours
• Daniel’s Dining
• Chesnut Funeral Home
• Cleaning Genie LLC
• Fisher Farms
• I Am Creative LLC
• Integrity Orchid Consulting LLC
• J. Jones Enterprises
• Team Dynamo-Keller Williams LLC
• Signature Grand Events & Catering
• Squeaky
• Clean Painting & Pressure Washing
• Mister Paper Products
• TC’s Auto Detailing
• Ray’s Rugs and Flooring
• TNT Dynamite Cleaning Service
• M7M Upholstry
• Parker Image
• Sharplenx Media & Photobooth
• Gladden Boxing Club
• Heart of Gainesville Thrift Store
• Beyouteeful Obsession
• Urban Thread Gainesville
• GLO Bar
• Trinity’s Day Spa
• ILY Creations
• Diva Kouture Boutique
• Jay-Jill Cosmetics Glamtique
• Salon 50 and 2
• Salon SYX LLC/Beautifulhair4u

Revisit your organization’s hiring and/or membership selection practices.

Revisit your organization’s hiring and/or membership selection practices. Don’t expect to workshop racism out of someone because you’ve already let them into your organization.

Conduct an ANTI-RACISM internal policy and bylaws audit for your organization.

Create and implement policies that are anti-racist and hold people accountable for their actions (inside and outside of your organization). Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences.