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Center for Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement Room Request

Space Reservation

  • Reservations for a one-day event/meeting must be made at least seven business days in advance of the reservation request unless otherwise noted. Early submission of your reservation request form improves the likelihood of identifying preferred/available space.
  • All event request submissions must receive prior approval by the Director where the space is located and the Administrative Assistant for the Institutes. All attendees should check-in electronically upon arrival.
  • If the space is not found in a clean and orderly state, attendees should notify a staff member immediately upon arrival. Failure to do so may result in your organization being held responsible for a violation of the policies below. The space must be returned to the original set-up that you found it.
  • Cancellation of a reservation should be confirmed by contacting the Administrative Assistant at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled start time of the reservation, whenever possible. Due to noise ordinances, events held at the Institutes that include the use of outdoor speakers must not go beyond the hour of 10:00 pm. After this time, noise levels should be kept to a minimum by moving speakers/loud sounds inside of the Institute.

Reservation Time

Meetings should start and end at the scheduled time. This should include the time needed to restore facilities to its original state. Meetings, programs, events may not be extended without the approval of the program director or area staff.

Waiting Area

Visitors/guests are welcome to use the waiting room areas. For events held during normal hours of operation noise levels within the waiting room area should be kept to a minimum as to not impede regular business operations and/or any other programs/events.

Staff Work Areas & Computers

Workstations are reserved for staff use only. Use of staff computers is not allowed. Visitors at the institutes are welcome to use the computer lab for personal use. While using the computers do not,

  • download any programs onto computers
  • spill food/drink onto computer components, work/computer components
  • do not leave food debris, trash, etc. around work table/computer table
  • abuse office equipment in any manner

Non-UF Groups

Groups not affiliated with the University of Florida may request use of facilities at no cost during regular office hours.

If you agree to the terms listed above you may proceed by clicking on the reservation button.

If you do not agree you are not permitted to reserve a space.