University Multicultural Mentor Program


The University Multicultural Mentor Program (UMMP), provided through Multicultural and Diversity Affairs, is a valuable opportunity for first-year incoming undergraduate students to enhance their collegiate experience at the University of Florida. As they prepare to navigate the university during their first year, faculty and staff are here to assist them to begin building their professional network. Being involved in a mentoring relationship opens up the opportunity for first-year students to deepen their relationship with the University of Florida and to jump start their academic careers by gaining insight and receiving support from great mentors.


UMMP is a mentoring program that matches a first-year undergraduate student with a faculty or staff mentor to assist with the student’s transition to college. This program makes a large university campus seem smaller as connections are made and mentors encourage our students to take advantage of all UF has to offer.


University Multicultural Mentor Program (UMMP) is designed to support first-year students in their transition to the University of Florida. This mission is achieved through goal setting, active participation in one-on-one monthly interactions between mentors and mentees and participation in UMMP events.


  • To facilitate relationship between faculty/staff and students.
  • To help students acclimate to the college life and UF through involvement, campus resources, and academic success.

Faculty/Staff Mentor Testimonies:

  • “I think that this program was a good way to ease the uncertainty about how to interact with faculty and to get more out of the college experience. It removes some of the pressure… – Mentor
  • “[She] is engaged in our lab research program and outreach activities and realized how much she enjoys working with kids in an educational setting and she is looking to taking more classes on this topic (environmental education)” – Mentor
  • “I was able to provide her with useful information to connect with her advisors, financial aid, and even secure a job.” – Mentor
  • “…I did recruit her as a volunteer working in my lab to have the opportunity to expose to the research environment and mingle with the graduates in my lab. Most likely, she will continue to do so in the coming three years of her college life.” – Mentor

Student Mentee Testimonies:

  • “My mentor helped me in ways that I couldn’t even imagine. She listened from personal problems to helping me fill out my nursing school application. Without her I don’t know how I would have mentally been able to handle this year.” – Mentee
  • “I think this program provided me with the motivation I needed especially as a minority at times it can feel as though you might not progress and become successful. This program allows you to see someone of your minority group succeed and provides the push that you need to keep going.” – Mentee
  • “Having someone who cared about my well being and was knowledgeable about the resources on campus really gave me a sense of ease and security. I knew that I could rely on my mentor to listen and guide me when things got too overwhelming.” – Mentee
  • “I felt more confident in my decision of the University and felt like I could actually talk to someone who knew how to figure out their path in life.” – Mentee