A transgender student with tattoos on their right arm and a plaid button down shirt glance at the camera.


 Recognized and honored nationally on November 20, Transgender Day of Remembrance brings attention to the continued violence and prejudice endured by the trans* community.

Every year on November 20, communities take a moment of silence for the members of the trans* community who lost their lives in acts of violence. 

Annually, the Office of LGBTQ+ Student Engagement hosts an event where trans* individuals from the campus and greater Gainesville communities can share their experiences and have their voices heard. As individuals share their lived experiences with the audience, our hope is that an open forum for dialogue can be established in an effort to unify the queer community and honor those who we have lost

Please visit our events calendar for specific times and dates for this year's Transgender Day of Remembrance events and visit multicultural.ufl.edu/LGBTQ+ for more ways to get involved. 

*Trans with an asterisk, encompasses the multitude of identities that exist under the larger umbrella term trans. To learn more about this identity and others please visit multicultural.ufl.edu/terminology.