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The University Multicultural Mentor Program (UMMP), provided through Multicultural and Diversity Affairs, is a valuable opportunity for first-year incoming undergraduate students to enhance their collegiate experience at the University of Florida. As they prepare to navigate the university during their first year, faculty and staff are here to assist them to begin building their professional network. Being involved in a mentoring relationship opens up the opportunity for first-year students to deepen their relationship with the University of Florida and to jump start their academic careers by gaining insight and receiving support from great mentors.

Program Expectations

Connect Monthly

Mentors and mentees must connect once a month, either in-person or in a digital environment, whatever each of you are comfortable with.

This year, we strongly encourage connecting through digital environments for your monthly meetings. If both the mentee and mentor are comfortable with meeting in-person, CDC guidelines must be followed (face coverings must be worn, and safe and social distance should be maintained).

Goal Accountability

Mentor pairs should work together to create 3 personal, professional, and academic goals (one of each) for the mentee’s first year in college. Be sure to check on progress often.

Be sure to make goals SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound!


Mentors should provide support and encouragement where needed and help point mentees to campus resources and involvement opportunities.

Be attentive to the needs of your mentee. Should an issue arise, contact to keep them in the loop.

Open Communication

Mentors and mentees should discuss preferred methods of communication and should let the other know in advance when they are unable to make a meeting.

After each monthly meeting, we ask that you fill out the check-in form (link sent via monthly e-newsletter). This helps us track participation and any feedback or communication needs between you and the program.

Tips for Being Successful Team

4 C’s of a Good Mentor
4 C’s of a Good Mentee

If you have any questions or concerns please email